paper and pear kitchen
Don’t let your four-legged friends miss out on the holiday fun. Here are a few ideas inspired by the Paper & Pear Lab Pack. Use the arrows to see additional pictures of these furbaby-approved gifts for the dogs and dog lovers on your list.
paper and pear kitchen

For the Ones that Walk their Humans – Easy Walk Harness

We bought an Easy Walk at the recommendation of a neighbor with a 130-pound dog. For being a small Lab, Luna has quite the pull. Prior to the Easy Walk, we’d been using the Gentle Leader with good results except that Luna hated wearing it. The Easy Walk Harness clips in the front which discourages pulling by redirecting your dog to the side when force is applied. Luna never tries to wriggle out like she did with the Gentle Leader, and we find it works equally well. You can leave it on for an all-day outing without any discomfort. I have recommended it to family, friends, and strangers at the farmers market (not even kidding!) Give the Easy Walk and give the gift of stress-free walks.

For the Conscientious Pup – Pack Leashes Rope Leash

Pack Leashes makes high-quality dog leads from climbing rope and sturdy locking carabiners. Each leash is handmade to order in the U.S.A. and strength tested to ensure quality. They come in a variety of colors… Luna is rocking Purple Haze! In addition to a great quality leash, Pack Leashes donates 2 pounds of dog food to a no-kill shelter for every sale made. As a bonus for Paper & Pear readers, use code PAPERANDPEAR15 to save 15%, plus Pack Leashes will donate an extra 2 pounds of food for each order!

For the Water Dog: Jolly Flyer Floating Frisbee

Luna loves frisbees. She also loves water. After sinking two Kong frisbees, I ordered one of these on Amazon. It was an instant hit. No longer did we worry about her dropping it in a pond never to be seen again; we could intentionally throw it in the lake! This quickly replaced the training dummy as her favorite water activity. She will fetch it all day if someone will throw it. Reasonably priced and far-flying it’s a must-have for any water-loving retriever.

For the Night Owls: Rechargeable LED Collars

We live in the woods with two black dogs. You can imagine how difficult it is to see them outdoors at night. Enter these handy LED collars. They’re rechargeable (via USB) and one charge lasts us about a month.  We use them mainly for night-time potty breaks, but I haven’t ruled out an appearance at our annual Christmas party. They have two blink speeds in addition to a solid glow mode. They’re also great for after-dark walks. The collars come quite large and can be cut to fit any size dog.

For the Indoor Fetch Fans: Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy

This might be Luna’s all-time favorite toy. We bought this blue ball the week we brought her home. It’s lasted over three years… a feat not many of her toys can tout. It’s great for indoor fetch because of its soft, rubbery texture. Even if you happen to throw it straight at a window, it won’t do any damage (not that I would ever do that). They come in five sizes. We prefer the medium, shown in blue, and large, shown in red. In the mornings I’ll often take the large ball outside and kick it across the yard for Luna. It lets her get a little exercise and I avoid touching a slimy, wet tennis ball.

For the Weekend Warrior: Heavy Duty Canvas Tote

Josh’s mom bought me this cute canvas dog tote a few year’s ago. It’s since been referred to as simply The Dog Bag. We keep it packed with travel bowls, poop bags, toys, and treats, and bring it along on all our dog-friendly adventures… it’s a diaper bag for dog moms if I’m being honest. The dogs now recognize the bag and whenever we bring it out, excitement follows. While this black-trimmed version has been discontinued, the company that makes it, ironically The Black Dog, still sells it in other colors. You can also make your own black version with this tote and paw patch from Amazon. Any of these options make a great gift for the dog mom or dad on your list. Fill it with staples like treats and bones for extra furbaby fun!

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